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The Business of Travel

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Sep 10, 2021

In this episode of The Business of Travel, Chris Ely, Research Director, GBTA and Julie Haddix, Senior Director, Industry Solutions, Cvent discuss how the Coronavirus pandemic will reshape corporate meeting and event planning. This discussion, based on a recent GBTA research study sponsored by Cvent, examines how corporate meetings and events will evolve as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Discussion topics include; how virtual and hybrid meetings increased because of the pandemic, what meeting planners think of the shift to more virtual and hybrid meetings, the future for virtual and hybrid meetings, recovery for the meetings and events industry, and safety measures and operational changes that will or could continue in the future as a result of the pandemic. Listeners will gain insight into the research findings and will come away with a deeper understanding of the road to recovery for the meetings and events industry. Visit Cvent at to find the full study.