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The Business of Travel

Welcome to GBTA's official podcast covering all things business travel!

Sep 23, 2022

In this 4th installment of ‘It’s SME Again’ podcast series, we chat with Dewitt Jones, world renowned Nat Geo photographer and motivational speaker about how travel can enhance or detract from performance, and how there is more than one right answer in travel, and life. We have previously spoken with road warriors from professional baseball to film and television production to an Olympics Water Polo team. One of the common threads we have discovered is how travel is a key ingredient to success in the sports, media, and entertainment industries. Joining live from GBTA Convention 2022 in San Diego, hosts Amy Thiessen and Greg Bell have an insightful conversation with Dewitt Jones on how to celebrate what’s right in both life and travel.

Dewitt Jones, in his twenty-year career with National Geographic, Dewitt Jones lived the vision of “celebrating what’s right with the world” and embraced an attitude that took him to new heights both in business and in life. He found that the creative tools he employed as a photographer had even deeper application when applied directly to his personal and professional growth.  Discover the beauty of being open to possibilities and reframing problems into opportunities.

Using his own extraordinary photographs as illustrations, Dewitt weaves a visual tapestry of emotion and content. One that allows you to touch your own passion: to balance your head with your heart: and to come away inspired with your own creative potential.

GBTA’s Sports, Media & Entertainment committee (SME) currently has 20 committee members from high-level positions within the travel community. Our buyers represent many of the leading sports, media and companies in the world, from professional sports teams and leagues, players associations, movie studios, film production companies, music labels, and so on. On the supplier side we also have top reps from the major travel companies from the airlines, lodging, ground transportation. 

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) is the world’s largest professional association representing the $1.4 trillion business travel industry. Collectively, our members directly control more than $345 billion of global business travel and meetings expenditures annually, and also represent every facet of the global travel industry marketplace.

The goal of the SME podcast is to leave you with up-to-date insights and relevant, actionable guidance.