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The Business of Travel

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Sep 22, 2023

Business of Travel 

There is Power in Women Supporting Each Other in the Workplace 

September 22, 2023 


Having programs for women in the workplace is considered table stakes for most companies, but in order to drive meaningful progress, more needs to be done Cynthia Barnes and Jennifer Miranda from American Airlines discuss their experiences and the benefits from being a part of their company’s women’s leadership programs as well as the impact that formal and informal mentorship has had on their personal and professional growth, and how women can continue to support each other at any level in the organization.   

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Host & Guest Info 

Bev Heinritz Director, Foundation Programs, GBTA Foundation 

Cynthia Barnes, Director of Global Sales and Market Initiatives, American Airlines 

Jennifer Miranda, Manager of Global Sales and Market Initiatives, American Airlines 


Key Topics Discussed 

- Mentorship 

- Women in Business Travel 


Resources Mentioned 


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