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The Business of Travel

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Apr 8, 2022

The tourism industry was hard-hit by the pandemic. As travel ramps back up, however, the industry is faced with another crisis: attracting and retaining its talent, the people who make travel possible around the world every day. In this episode of The Business of Travel, the Canadian Meetings & Events Committee discusses the current issues around the labor shortage in the tourism industry, how meetings and events could be affected moving forward and what we and the industry can do collectively to address the issues. 


Hosts Philip Mondor, President and CEO, Tourism HR Canada, and Alison Langford, Workforce Strategist, British Columbia Hotel Association (BCHA) address the labor shortage with guests Abhishek Shaw, Director of Sales Versante Hotel, Vancouver and Rohit Kapur, Director of Sales, Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto.


Additional helpful links include where to find data on employment trends and projections and impacts of COVID on workforce; post-pandemic guidance for employers; and other related articles and ideas.